Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sid Bartholomew

I left yesterday morning and drove to Blowing Rock. I managed to get one sketch done of one of my favorite hills along the parkway, then drove over to Blowing Rock Gallery to clean up and talk to Tim and Debbie. Raymond showed up at around five and I had the chance to chat with him a little before people started drifting in. We talked California, mostly. Warren Dennis was one of the earlier arrivals and I found out from him that Sid Bartholomew had committed suicide earlier this summer. He'd been living in LA, where he'd started out years ago as an art director for "Pee Wee's Playhouse".
The news came as a surprise. I didn't know Sid well but we were roughly the same age and went to the same college. I remember the "happenings" he used to stage with other art students. He was a well known personality on campus and everyone thought highly of him. I didn't know what "bi-polar" meant in those days and had know idea that Sid was bi-polar. I just remember him as spirited and energetic. I was happy and proud that he'd achieved success and now I'm saddened by his early death.


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